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2007 1 period content abstract
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Come up out of land literal data and Wu Dixin card
Wang Hui
At the beginning of accession of Qi Wei king year what because Dui calls him clearly Tian Qi great-great-grandfather,making Qi Hou is " emperor " , be after because of metaphase of the Warring States Tian Qi seeks hegemony must enemy attentively offers sacrifices to an emperor, xian Zhouwen changes bronze ware a group of things with common features badge " day " the date that is an emperor " Xuan Yuan " . Qin Gong a big grave comes up out of land inscription of stone chime stone says " tall Yang Youling " , it is Qin Jing resort to when nominal bully at great-great-grandfather " Gao Yang " Zhuan Xu. Emperor of business acting great-great-grandfather, shang Zhoujia is made in bone inscriptions on bronze " great-great-grandfather Kui " , Kui simple or compound vowel is the same as and initial consonant differs, it is antediluvian answer the result of consonantal become divided; The date of the Supreme Being " Gao Xin " , according to inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty knowable be first trade times says clannishly with what day doing names. Offspring of the familial background that gave brief data of Hunan of the Warring States newly to still offer Yao Heshun, one's life experience, Yao Heshun is inchoate house ground and migrate circumstance and story of abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of Yao and Shun.

The typology of Han Daitong crock studies
Wu Xiaoping
(Fujian of staff room of archaeology of department of Xiamen university history, 361005)
Of Han Daitong crock come up out of land the amount is numerous, district is extensive, have very tall typology to study a meaning. The article is mixed according to configuration of Han Daitong crock of utility different, cent is crock of round crock, handle crock, flat bottle, the head of garlic, francium and long neck crock 6 kinds big, undertake respectively model, type and study in installment.
Consider to make clear, the development of Han Daitong crock can be divided roughly for 4 phase. The Western Han Dynasty is inchoate be the continuance of crock of each district copper is mixed since the Warring States is terminal the phase of reset, culture element is relatively complex, distributing have stronger district sex; Metaphase of the Western Han Dynasty is the initiative phase that characteristic of oneself of Han Daitong crock forms, the implements that has ethical feature already saw rarely, the situation of crock of Chinese type copper that is a foundation with culture of the Qin Dynasty, advance, Hunan begins to form; The Western Han Dynasty is terminal to the Eastern Han Dynasty inchoate the important level that is establish of feature of oneself of Han Daitong crock, crock of of all kinds copper all with inchoate happening bigger change; In the Eastern Han Dynasty terminal the typical level that is Han Daitong crock, configuration is slender, civilian life breath is grumous. The development change of Han Daitong crock and the social setting at that time especially two Chinese period copper politics fluctuant closely related, the Western Han Dynasty is inchoate cupreous politics is open, make cupreous crock type complex, culture element is diversiform; Metaphase begins, chinese the dynasty applies to folk severe copper is banned, of bronze ware make manage by feudal official forestall, implements configuration is accordingly unified, local difference disappears, this kind of situation continues to initial stage of the Eastern Han Dynasty all the time. In the Eastern Han Dynasty terminal, as copper politics open in the round again, feudal official exits the making domain of the daily appliance such as cupreous crock, personal workshop makes principal part, because this copper crock has some folk,life breath gets adding
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