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2008 the 1st period catalog and content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-01-16   article: Chinese archaeology net The preliminary research of accumulation of circularity of skeleton of animal of relics of hillock of Harbin home thing gate of a lane... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Gong Shanwen of Home Huang Ke changes animal face 玦 The preliminary research that circularity of skeleton of animal of relics of hillock of Harbin home thing gate of a lane piles up Home Huang Ke (Beijing combines history of institute of university application grain is, beijing 100083) Terminal relics is located in the Old Stone Age of hillock of home thing gate of a lane 25 kilometers locate Harbin city southwest, be apart from make an appointment with 20000 one's remaining years today. The HY84TA3 in relics and HY84T4 two explore square inside, discovered two half circularity that comprises by hundreds animal skeleton piles up, the person that disentomb considers as ancient time human camping ground accordingly. This one conclusion initiated more debate. The article is passed compare the location of a few house with Europe and Asian upper terminal the Old Stone Age, think to differ although the house location of the type is located district is different, but characteristic of a few general character is shown in a lot of respects, the the Old Stone Age is terminal the vestigial phenomenon of discovery is maintained to be location of prehistoric mankind house, basically have the general character characteristic of 3 above at the same time. Accumulation of circularity of skeleton of animal of relics of hillock of home thing gate of a lane does not have these characteristics basically, and its distributing the state has apparently unusual, prove without sufficient evidence its occupy site for ancient mankind so vestigial. In article, the characteristic that the author learns according to fluvial deposit, analysed the distributinging configuration of two circularity structure and deposit characteristic, those who point out skeletal accumulation superstratum is lesser, lower level greatens, was to pass running water likely most around dune grading. Because pile up,put forward of the type different the hypothesis that caused distributinging difference of skeleton of two place animal, this hypothesis is OK better explanation the circularity configuration that skeleton of two place animal piles up and difference cause, can explain a few skeleton are shown arrive as a child big layer state is grading accumulation, the wall of accumulation is compared outside the wall is flat, some place still have the appearance such as certain gradient. Combinative other is relevant and vestigial phenomenal analysis, the animal skeleton that the author figures two place circularity piles up may be the mankind chases the butcher bequeath in the process, be not the house location of inchoate mankind. The both neither that uses jade of form of animal face 玦 to act the role of at that time is leader figure of the society, also be not common social member, however common noble member. Jade of form of animal face 玦 acts the role of the utility in red hill culture, be with jade band form implement the special technical ability that reveals the person that its are used together reachs his to have effect of mysterious colorific society, the person that use may be the male, and the utility that acts the role of in jade of form of 玦 of face of the animal in brook edge culture is a kind of when the female uses common adornment only -- earring.
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