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2007 3 period catalog and content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2007-07-30   article: Chinese archaeology net

By ancient time of Chinese and Western the individual reachs its idea like art... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Element of terminal and ab extra crockery tries 2 within analyse... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Guo foam if " inscriptions on drum-shaped stone blocks of the Warring States Period studies " copy and Shi Wen differentiate... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Tile of the Western Han Dynasty is preliminary research... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
On the exploration that Lin Yuan builds relics 4 numbers and disentomb... ... ... ... ... ... institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Team of archaeology of A room palace
Xi'an city cultural relic protects archaeology place

Resemble art and its idea by individual of ancient time of Chinese and Western
Guo Jingyun of ﹝ Russia ﹞
(Zhongshan university history is, guangzhou 51027)
The article emphasizes civilization of discussion Chinese and Western to look " person " characteristic of art of angle and relevant literal origin, individual resembling, and the main problem of theology and philosophical thought. This research covers Chinese and Western " individual " , " ego " , " case " of 3 kinds of concepts quite. Western civilization discusses range is from civilization of Christ of Gu Ai until, include ancient Greek ancient Rome, but do not comprise Mohammedan culture; Chinese civilization discusses range is from the times after business Dai Zhihan, but do not comprise Buddhist culture. Want, the character shows Chinese and Western two kinds of civilized incline to: Western civilization emphasizes " Individual " unique sex; The individual spans world is ideal.
This one research all in the process, the author is preliminary explain, be in " person " on the concept, artistic, think of; Divine body essence is contrary; Person is not ego, and person face is ego already, also be the expression of person mind, show with this on divine sparkle is in the person; On person face, what eye is sacred scintilla further is radiative, also be self-expression. Chinese civilization emphasizes separate sex of the character; Of person and heaven and earth identical; Body and magical photograph close; Person is the thought of integral character, opposite at the west " Person " concept; " from " (nose) it is namely alone the autogenous expression of one.

Element of terminal and ab extra crockery tries 2 within analyse
Zhu Junxiao
(bequest of culture of Zhengzhou university history protects a research center, zhengzhou 450001)
Li Qing is faced
(college of Wuhan university history, wuhan 430072)
2 within culture and area of week border district are having extensive connection between all archaeological culture, the central culture that is at that time, it is Xia Wangchao's culture probably. The relation of it and circumjacent culture is reflected in two respects, on one hand outward radiate goes to its culture element the vast region of north and south of Great Wall inside and outside, great river, on the other hand it absorbs the foreign culture element that comes from far and near ceaselessly again, abounded the connotation of oneself. However, level develops in what its differ, 2 within culture absorbs the content of foreign culture element and means to differ somewhat. Inchoate the ab extra element that 2 within culture absorbs is given priority to with the advanced article such as sacrificial vessel of bronze ware, jade article, primitive china, contented, see average resident gives birth to the lathe that uses alive lesser, although have a few, also mostly emerge of itself and perish of itself, perhaps be absorbed by place of this locality culture and transform, reflected the dominant position on its politics, economy and culture. 2 within 4 period abrupt emerge in large numbers goes out to have Yueshi one batch culture, (first) the crockery element of business culture style. These ab extra crockery have more complete combination not only, and its modelling and the height that adorn style and its origin land are consistent, formed strong impact to tradition of this locality culture. Terminal 2 within culture has been transformed feebly and absorb these foreign culture elements, accept its can passively to affect only. To it the business generation such as store of general coinstantaneous Zhengzhou, cease division store is inchoate offer as a gift the phenomenon that Yue Shiwen also appeared to change element and business culture element to coexist in putting, show place of these two kinds of culture is represented a group of things with common features group once peace gets along, with document account medium Shang Yi destroys summerly incident comparatives jointly agree. Accordingly, 2 within 4 period ab extra crockery is probable it is business culture and Yue Shiwen change a dweller to garrison what stay when 2 within, it is Xia Shang during the report of incident of political power replace on archaeological culture appearance.
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