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2008 3 period catalog and content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-07-01   article: Chinese archaeology net

"Wen Yi " one's deceased father... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
The archaeological research of goods of Chinese inchoate gold... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... An Zhimin settles down Yuan (291) the time that talks Lu Shi is reached
Try to be not balanced sex problem by what bronze ware of the Western Zhou Dynasty evolves... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Zhang Mao (337)
Yin Dynasty ruins manages empty M303 disentombs greatly report... ... ... ... group of work of An Yang of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (353)
Judge " Tao Ji of Jiang Qi < > composing times takes an examination of differentiate " -- with deliberate of Mr Liu Xinyuan... ... ... ... ... Ma Wenkuan (395)

Content abstract
"Wen Yi " one's deceased father
Feng Shi
(institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing 100710)

The character of bright red book of crock of terminal contented back is culture of temple of contented of article textual research " Wen Yi " 2 words, the times belongs to BC about 20 centuries, concern according to inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, inscriptions on bronze " Wen Yi " with " Wen Xia " the research of the data, take an examination of calm " Wen Yi " solid namely Xia Yi, announced the property of contented temple culture is changed for Xia Wen. The author points out, king of summer, business, the Western Zhou Dynasty is a system with city, combine ancient writing to learn, ancient prose is displayed learn and study archaeologically, proved city to serve as what did not city wall to get together city and with inner and outer city walls different. The article is opposite at the same time the terminal join a lot of force in contented temple culture is vestigial undertook history explains, think its were mirrorred from Xiang Qixing of Yu Douyang city Wen Yi's change, and this kind of abdicate and hand over the crown to another person is made be being made what what replace change hereditarily is a the world
the important sign that Xia Wangchao is born. The research of the article is passed first come up out of land the fact that document proved Xia Daicun to be in.

The archaeological research of goods of Chinese inchoate gold
An Zhimin
(institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing 100710)
Settle down Yuan
(Chinese country museum, beijing 100006)
Gold fastens one of metals that the mankind uses earlier. As a result of its itself beautiful and precious, burnish is fast and changeless, have extended character, machine easily, from antediluvian since be inspected inside alive bound limits mysterious valuable, basically use in
Decorate a respect, or those who serve as fortune, influence is indicative and the value measure with current money.
The article is right at present our country already discovered first data of archaeology of goods of gold of the Qin Dynasty, undertake collecting summation to comb, from the distributinging limits of inchoate gold goods and concomitant relation, when discuss its, acting alignment and development change, try the basic outline that draw the outline of gives product of Chinese inchoate gold, will elaborate inchoate gold goods in the mankind the historical status on culture history. The culture of Xia Jiadian lower level before China's earliest gold goods cardinal principle appeared 3500 and 4 dam culture, although the amount is not much, but archaeology demonstration is very clear. The gold of business generation and period of the Western Zhou Dynasty distributings all the more is extensive, arrived period of age, the Warring States, gold begins be current mixes a large number of occurrence, except enlarge adornment besides action, return occurrence container or monetization unit, establish gold to expand current base in Chinese past dynasties eventually. The article returns pair of our country first the craft of gold of period of the Qin Dynasty, form makes integration analysis, think goods of Chinese inchoate gold basically is having illuminative effect, can gold foil, wire inlay, candied floss for the delegate, can include to cover with gold leaf again, the different craft method such as gild, inlaying fold or fine gold gold. The gold of grain of a few animal of period of the Warring States, it is to make wax-pattern first, next reoccupy breaks candle law casting to become, represent the occurrence of a kind of new technology. Its the reverse side cuts the weight of article having seal and number, show they are by the craftsman of Central Plains of period of the Warring States place is cast, this goes up in culture communication and craft phylogeny, also have special sense.
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