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2008 the 2nd period catalog and content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-04-15   article: Chinese archaeology net Catalog Try channel of the treasure that talk Zhao culture... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Content abstract Try Theory Zhao Treasure Channel Civil Change Chen Guoqing (research center of archaeology of Jilin university border area, changchun 130012) from 20 centuries culture of channel of the Zhao Bao at the beginning of 80 time by establish since, scholars distributing to its from different perspective attribute of limits, culture, culture in installment, the research that the type differentiates and the respect such as culture origin had development and discuss, fetched a few significant gain. But the understanding to some problems criterion difference is bigger, be opposite especially of culture of Zhao treasure channel in installment, although some articles are done finely in installment, but animal farm the archaeology data at that time, already cannot cover culture of channel of nowadays Zhao treasure at present in installment. Some articles are right of culture of Zhao treasure channel in installment or be thick lines, or be conclusion sex, or be only confine Yu Yanshan with south area. As a few new archaeology materials publish in succession, be necessary to be opposite before the viewpoint undertakes be examined afresh and be knowinged again, gain new headway in order to promote the research of culture of Zhao treasure channel ceaselessly. The article passes the analysis that keeps to a few important involuntary discharge of urine, culture of Zhao treasure channel cent is 5 period. Before two period main distributinging Yu Yanshan with south area, hind 3 period main distributinging Yu Yanshan with boreal area. Yan Shan with south the main home that the area should be culture of Zhao Bao channel. Of culture of Zhao treasure channel 5 period it is same an archaeological culture is impartible cut whole, because the place of different development phase of same archaeological culture is formed,each involuntary discharge of urine puts the difference between is, zhao Bao channel culture differentiates a few archaeological culture or type of a few culture are improper. 3 acting period come up out of land research of handle form jade article Cao Nan (institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing 100710) handle form jade article is come up out of land in 3 Dai Yushi adornment the amount is maximum implement one of form, submit flat strip form, the lower end has short and thin tenon more, there is opening on some tenon, because use is not fair, with its be similar in shape implement handle and get a name, actually some handle form jade article do not resemble implement handle, but make because of their form identical, so also jade article of classify handle form. In recent years, the handle form jade article that archaeology comes up out of land is very much, the article aims to comb the archaeology material that has published, undertake arranging to the type of the handle form jade article that come up out of land and its feature, right the development concern between its form, distributinging limits, name, function, use method, make, headstream undertakes discussing. Handle form jade article, begin to appear from Xiadai, business algebra estimates increase, diversification of form of period of the Western Zhou Dynasty. The basis of handle form jade article that 3 acting period come up out of land implement the differ and combines adornment grain model change of form, can divide for 6 model. Among them, a, B, C3 perforative from beginning to end, from summer to the Western Zhou Dynasty it is an amount only ceaseless grow in quantity, grain acts the role of diversification, jade article of form of D, E, F handle appears to the ability when the Western Zhou Dynasty. Give earthy place to be centered in the heartland of king Ji, be like 2 within relics of Xia Dai, relics of the relics of 2 lis of ridge with acting business, Yin Dynasty ruins, area of the Feng Gao relics of period of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Luoyang. Utility is used for Yu Zhili appearance implement, can use at a variety of formal activities, can hold in both hands in the hand, wear before the bosom, pensile at the waist. Go up character from material look, handle form jade article has jade to pledge only, the handle body that does not see contented, copper, iron is qualitative implement. As to the method that make, the handle form jade article of period of summer, business makes a standard, the handle form jade article of period of the Western Zhou Dynasty tends overelaborate, the ceremony makes a gender increase. From the point of headstream, handle form jade article should result from the jade qualitative crosier of the The Neo-lithic Age, year period comes up out of land the amount decreases suddenly, disappear almost.
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