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2008 4 period catalog and content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-10-22   article: Sexual distinction of population of downstream area prehistoric makes research in Yellow River of Chinese archaeology net... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Wang Jianhua Content abstract Sexual distinction of population of downstream area prehistoric makes research in the Yellow River Wang Jianhua (travel of southwest nation university and historical culture institute, chengdu 610041) a sexual distinction is population basic and natural attribute. The sexual distinction of population makes the marital form that affects the mankind not only, and the progress that also reflects a society, fluctuant circumstance. This are highlighted particularly in what prehistoric age behaves. In view of this, the article combs the foundation of data of character of person of downstream area prehistoric in the Yellow River to go up in the system, the basic case that makes to sexual distinction of population of prehistoric of this one area and population sexual distinction are formed complication with marital configuration, society the relation of the process had relatively thorough research. Pass comprehensive and careful statistic analysis, in can seeing the Yellow River, widespread presence wears downstream area prehistoric age " tall sex is compared " phenomenon. The reason that forms this kind of phenomenon has a variety of factors such as bury, technology, natural, economy, society, and what prehistoric society kills female baby is consuetudinary and the difficulty when the female is borne is to form " tall sex is compared " main reason of the phenomenon. "Tall sex is compared " the phenomenon produced immediate effect to the marital configuration of human prehistoric society, deciding form of prehistoric society marriage cannot be absolutely " one husband one wife " make, and exist " polyandrous " phenomenon. "Polyandrous " prehistoric age of downstream in the Yellow River area has the appearance the objective foundation of existence, but there is a difference in not coetaneous watch. Complication as the change of the times and society the development of the process, this kind of influence also produced distinct change. Sex of downstream area prehistoric age compares unusual appearance in the Yellow River times of post of Cong Pei plum began to reach highest value to Yang Shao times, that is to say " polyandrous " the phenomenon appears to Yang Shao times to be behaved more apparently from times of Pei Li post, to Long Shan times consequence drops somewhat again. Sexual distinction of population of downstream area prehistoric is formed in this specification Yellow River and those who get the marital configuration that its affect and prehistoric society complication the process is direct and relevant. Country bronze ware and analyse of explore of its history geography Xu Shaohua (college of Wuhan university history, wuhan 4300072) bronze ware is inscriptive " " , the scholar is much since clear minor details commentate for " long day " . Consider to make clear, this should be " always " variant, should commentate make " " , namely document place carries " " , be handed down from ancient times and place is common later " long day " implement, solid for ancient (raise) of the country implement. According to document account, overflow is surnamed to win, it is descendant of Dong Yi a group of things with common features. The state that sees at present bronze ware comes from two Zhou Zhi border before age is terminal paragraph all have, show at the latest at two Zhou Zhi border in order to establish a country, should invade inside exterminate of as terminal as the Western Zhou Dynasty the Huaihe River, week announce king weighs the history of territory of the earth austral manage to concern. Come up out of land before seeing age is terminal in the data paragraph the following implement, with " Zun Chuan " clear is fair 14 years (BC 528 years) Hunan person " destroy those who raise a family name a group of things with common features " account photograph confirm. From implements combination, form is made, grain act the role ofing and inscriptive style look, the overflow country with inchoate age bronze ware, body reveals the feature of more week culture, the bigger impact that the specification is changed by Zhou Wen, age metaphase in order to fall, the feature of Hunan culture is increasingly outstanding. This one process, reflected a state the fundamental sequence of ideas of historical culture and south of pattern of land area politics evolve into posture. Come up out of land the data makes clear, the country should be in area of upper reaches of river of the Huaihe River today this world of tung cypress, secrete is taken, the center is about near lunar river, bai Yong, uncle the discovery that suffers all graves is clear material evidence namely. Scholar of the part before this says the country is in today Anhui bound head the Gu Yangyi around, or think in Henan treasure abundant northwest raises shade in, should not apparently with archaeology data, this is we should be prudential.
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