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University of Canadian Xi Menfei sand Professor Yang Dongya calls in, suffer hir
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-29   article: Chinese archaeology net Canadian Xi Menfei is sanded on January 28 university (Simon Fraser University) Dr. Yang Dongya of anthropologic associate professor comes molecular archaeology and constitution on invitation archaeology place visit. Archaeology place decides to invite Dr. Yang Dongya to be director of lab of ancient DNA of center of archaeology of archaeology place science and technology, the tenure is 5 years. That day, wang Wei's director announces this decision gladly and issue letter. Hope Dr. Yang Dongya accepts this appoint to a position, wish he is on this post, postpone great plan greatly, obtain outstanding scientific research positive result. Yaboshixin accepted Yangdong like that this appoint to a position, joint efforts of hope both sides, obtain better result. Director of pacify of Yuan of center of archaeology place Chen Xingcan's assistant director and archaeology science and technology played to interview together. ■ return

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