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Piao Ruisai of · of Douglas of anthropologic department professor comes to univ
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-06-30   article: Chinese archaeology net University of American power Si Kangxing is anthropologic on June 24 department Europe is archaeological Piaorui of · of lecture professor Douglas thinks of Wensidu (T. Douglas Price) will archaeology place is visited and make academic report on invitation. The title of the report is: "The flight of strontium isotope and person: Principle and application " . Archaeology place Chen Xingcan's assistant director chairs a seminar, jing Zhichun teachs the spot to translate. Professor Piao Ruisai applies from strontium isotope principle and in archaeological medium applied proceed with, be united in wedlock to undertake in the United States and Honduras archaeology relics strontium isotope studies case undertook intuitionistic demonstrate, discuss strontium isotope to study medium effect in the flight of archaic mankind. In addition, canada is British the newest achievement that Professor Jing Zhichun of Colombian university introduced to apply strontium isotope to study the mankind migrates in relics of the Yin Dynasty ruins that install this world. ■ return

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