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Archaeology place Zhao Zhijun goes to Japan to attend international learning sem
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-12   article: Chinese archaeology net should of institute of environment of Japanese integrated world invite, the problem that Zhao Zhijun plays to be held by this at going to Japan to 25 days on August 22, 2007 is " the archaic plant involuntary discharge of urine that Eurasia discovers is put reach an issue " international learning seminar. This international is botanical seminar, discussion focal point is Eurasia inchoate culture communication puts the report that go up in plant involuntary discharge of urine, this is one of academic problems that Dr. Zhao Zhijun devotes oneself to to consider in recent years. Through going up with international scholar of person of the same trade undertakes communicating, not only the research achievement that can introduce our country to international academia, the research that also can make our researcher knows foreign other learned man further develops a condition. ■ return

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