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Different of intermediate of Wang Wei, king goes to Japan to attend Asian histor
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-01-07   article: Chinese archaeology net came on November 30, 2007 on December 3, wang Wei's director and gentleman of king intermediate different answer committee of education of county of Japanese blessing ridge and ancestor like municipal government invite, the Asian history that attends to be held in blessing ridge county toward Japan before learns annual meeting the 16th times.
Annual meeting will be in on December 2 too the museum of history of a poetic name of China of the city that slaughter government office is held. Committee of education of You Fugang county mixes this annual meeting a Ji Futian resembling city city undertakes jointly, the theme of the conference is " strong island of ancient time and ancestor resemble -- ancient grave of strong island and ferry house Qi group meaning " , the conference also is ancient grave of the island that rush and ferry house Qi at the same time group the one part of the job that applies for world culture bequest. Attend the meeting except me place is represented twice outside, still have Korea Yu Zaibing of director of 100 aid institute and curator of museum of East Asia university mix university of faithful Qing Dynasty on professor of reputation of university of Kyoto of Japanese distinguished historian Mr Tian Zhengzhao, reputation of university of a poetic name of China teachs Mr Xi Guzheng, reputation of blessing ridge university teachs male gentleman of Fuji of famous archaeologist small cropland to wait.
On the meeting, mr Tian Zhengzhao did a problem to be on " ancestor sacred like 3 goddess and strong island vestigial " fundamental key lecture, gentleman of king intermediate different does a problem to be " what from ancient time Sino-Japanese communication visits a strong like • island is sacred and vestigial " special lecture. The scholar such as the hero of small cropland Fuji that is in handle and Piao Anchun, Japan by the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of Chinese Wang Wei, Korea respectively then makes congress speech. The title of king lofty lecture is " what strong island reachs archaic Japan is sacred and communicate external " . After lecture ends, scholar attending the meeting appearances, undertook a discussion of half hours communicates. The investigator of nearly 300 ancient time history that comes from Japanese each district and lover attend a meeting shared these fruit.
Before the conference, representing still looked around to be located in a ferry house Qi that resembles churchyard of city He Futian town ancient grave group.
Pass this conference, in understanding 9 continent the archaeology with newest area discovers and study new evolutional at the same time, scholar of the Three Kingdoms of medium, day, Han had academic communication, promotional each other understanding and friendship. The visit obtained consummation.
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