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Country of constitution of Bai Yunxiang, teach go to Vietnam to inspect a visit
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Author: Teach constitution country releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-21   article: Chinese archaeology net

To strengthen the understand one another of China and Vietnam archaeology academia and communication, the collaboration of academia of archaeology of open up two countries, according to the communication agreement of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Vietnam society academy of sciences, in December 2007 15 ~ 23 days, the institute comprised archaeology to be colonel with Bai Yunxiang's assistant director, yang Yong of lab of archaeology of He Hantang of country of Fu Xian of prehistoric archaeology lab, Zhu Yanping is the Vietnam archaeology of member to visit a group, to the visit that Vietnam had by a definite date 8 days.

Visit group looked round museum of art gallery of country of Vietnam nation museum, Vietnam history museum, Vietnam, male king, An Ning to visit museum, always blessing province museum and Wen Miao, the tung 荳 relics that He Yongfu of the loose Zhai relics that inspected the relics of ancient snail city inside the river, An Ning to save relics of mansion of cliff of bay issueing dragon, Fu Shousheng, Feng Yuan relics saves.

Inspect relics of Vietnam Xom Ren

Vietnam prehistoric culture and culture of Hua Na prehistoric are having close relationship. Accordingly, two countries scholar exchanges the new discovery of prehistoric archaeology and new academic information, have important sense to promoting the archaeological research of two countries. During jump over, visit group parts to carry out institute of archaeology of academy of sciences of society of director Ruan Yujun, Vietnam with bureau of collaboration of international of Vietnam society academy of sciences sea of river of Ruan of standing assistant director had kind and friendly talk, deepened two units further understanding, consider to be in archaeological research respect to strengthen exchange of information of research of academic communication, collaboration, learning to waited to exchange an opinion adequately with respect to archaeology of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Vietnam society academy of sciences, henceforth two the learning of further development communicates between place and collaboration reached consensus, with respect to information data exchange, collaboration disentombs and considered to reach cooperative intent.

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