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Wang Wei is gone to heart the activity that enters Chinese culture week
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-01-07   article: Chinese archaeology net

Came 12 days on November 7, 2007, should of center of China of city of much husband of Er of German Du Sai invite, wang Wei's director is gone to heart the activity that enters Chinese culture week.
Wang Wei visited grand of Munich, Bonn, division above all the historical architecture such as square of the historical museum of 3 ground, artistic museum and cathedral, city hall. On November 11, hold in Chinese center of Dusaierduofu " Chinese civilization is genetic " on academic seminar, wang Wei made special subject speech. Lecture is caused include to be in worker of scientific research orgnaization inside the strong interest of wide audience. After lecture, audience quizs to speechmaker with respect to the problem of the care, wang Wei makes understanding answer one by one.
That evening, wang Wei's director played to be held in Chinese center acknowledge banquet, on November 12 morning, end visit goes back to the motherland.
Visit this heart, promotional the understanding to Germany, the scholar of researcher and Germany and people undertook my place communicate, also make German people deepened the understanding to Chinese history and culture, the visit obtained positive positive result.

DCC (center of China of much husband of Er of German Du Sai) brief introduction

2000, because of a word -- " the existence that should prove a Chinese! " the Chinese youth entrepreneur that a flock of burning with righteous indignation produced a dream. This great dream is so driving, so passionate ground is insurgent in the heart in these Chinese. China has me, the world has me. World of rich play chess, became the motive force with Chinese the most original entrepreneur!
Then, after 5 years, the Chu Xia 2005, people government and boreal Lai mattress are saved in Jiangsu, Weisitefalun of state government drive jointly below, be in Germany on city of much husband of Du Sai Er's famous kingly highway, center of China of much husband of Er of German Du Sai (D ü Sseldorf China Center, abbreviation DCC) was born.
Since Germany holds water, in order to advance in collaboration of culture of economy of heart two countries and communication are a mission, in in organization of the success between heart two countries, undertook 30 for many times large business affairs and culture communication activity, include forum of commerce of chamber of commerce of the exchange visits of governmental high level, action that cross a state, high end, learning to communicate cooperation of meeting, company and technology to advance exhibition of meeting, product, and culture education grooms etc, in in political circles of heart two countries, business circles, cultural circles and journalism were obtained extremely tall famous spend and consequence, and still got of Mokeer of prime minister of country of Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman, Germany kind interview.
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