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Bai Yunxiang is gone to Portuguese attend " the 3rd China learns international f
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-03-05   article: Chinese archaeology net

Learn an institute by Portuguese China (Institute Portugues De Sinologia) etc those who sponsor " the 3rd China learns international forum " (3rd International Sinology Forum) on Feburary 14, 2008 ~ is mixed 16 days ~ will part 23 days to be held in Lisbon and Boertu on Feburary 20. Be based on the 28th Olympic Games to will be held at was in Beijing in August 2008, this the theme of forum is Chinese sports (Sports, games And Leisures In China) . The main topic for discussion of Lisbon forum is contemporary China sports and society, the main topic for discussion of forum of wave Er graph is archaic China sports and society.
The culture center of the Jia Yaxin city that on Feburary 20 ~ pursues 23 days in wave Er holds forum of wave Er graph, came from the 60 more than person such as Germany, England, France, Sweden, China and Portuguese expert scholar to attend the meeting. China is stationed in Portuguese embassy cultural counsellor to Liu Wen autumn attends an opening ceremony and publish an address. Should Portuguese China learns prexy • A Malu teachs Maria invite, bai Yunxiang of assistant director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, researcher attends forum of wave Er graph, it is at will publishing a problem on Feburary 20 " the sports activity of Chinese Qin Han period: Archaeological description " lecture. Bai Yunxiang is in lecture, discover according to archaeology and tie document record, because reach its to be in,with respect to Qin Han the configuration of the sports activity of period, characteristic, development is moved the position of social culture and action undertook elaborating at that time, got the attention become reconciled of the person that attend the meeting is judged. Especially about football of world ancient time (kick bring up) the treatise of traceable China, removed the doubt that goes up in this one problem about the scholar, it is place of the person that attend the meeting to accept. Other the lecture content of the person that attend the meeting, basically involve sports of Chinese ancient time and society, chinese traditional culture, traditional medicine and gymnastical art, ancient time Greek, Egypt, imprint the archaic sports that add reachs its and gymnastic of Chinese ancient time to wait quite. This forum, the sports activity that develops to showing Chinese ancient time reachs his to accomplish, promote the traditional culture with outstanding China, urge generation actively action. In the meantime, to the conduct propaganda of Beijing Olympic Games, also will produce positive stimulative effect.

Bai Yunxiang interviews a cultural counsellor Liu Wen autumn

Bai Yunxiang interviews Libeiluo deputy director general and its assistant
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