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Bai Yunxiang visit day and cast an experiment into travel bronze mirror
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-03-17   article: Chinese archaeology net

Should county of Japanese grow congratulate establishs an university to invite, guo of director of bureau of cultural relic of city of Bai Yunxiang of assistant director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Luoyang leads powerful group, on March 5, 2008 ~ visits Japan 12 days, lens casts the Sino-Japanese collaboration Han Daitong that attended to be held in university of Japanese rich hill imitate research experimentation.

Interview the group photo after president of rich hill university

Sino-Japanese and bilateral compere discusses bronze mirror to cast medium concerned problem in the spot

This experiment on March 6 ~ is in rich hill university 8 days ministry of artistic article chemistry undertakes, teach 3 boats Wen Shang to be chaired jointly by Bai Yunxiang and rich hill university, nearly 20 people play Sino-Japanese learned man view and emulate. Casting an experiment this is the positive result that faces Zi Chinese Dai Jingfan to consider according to Shandong and of the design, aim to pass imitate course, examine before the conclusion that the institute reachs, progressively unriddle the foundry technology technology of Han Daitong lens. This imitate experiment, from lens model make, carbonado model, to bronze mirror mould, obtained many skill data, scored active gain, to Han Daitong lens and even bronze mirror of East Asia ancient time cast a technology to consider to have important sense. Cast an experiment this, get the wide attention of Japanese society, japanese NHK TV station, " read sell news " , " boreal Japan news " , " Fu Shanxin is heard " waited for news media to undertake covering a report.

In Jiangu article criterion professor retreats Ren Zhuhe the speech on the meeting

During visitting day, bai Yunxiang still begins what Luoyang Hanjin bronze mirror studies to be the same as day of square compere Jian Gu about specific arrangements with respect to Sino-Japanese collaboration article criterion professor undertook exchanging views, interviewed president of rich hill university early or late on the west head heart 3, Nai fine county Ben Honglong of deputy bridge knowing a thing, left to exchange an opinion about academic communication activity. Bai Yunxiang still attended Jian Gu on invitation article criterion professor retreats Ren Zhuhe to meet, can go up in congratulation speech. Looking around inspect win of Kyoto spring house palace of smooth city of fine of ancient house, Nai is revealed and too extremely the hall recovers from an illness state-maintaineding nation of construction building site, Osaka learns unit and the orgnaization such as museum constantly, the person that Bai Yunxiang is the same as place to learn undertook communicating with respect to relevant learning problem.
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