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The person such as Wang Wei, bright red rock, Qian Guoxiang goes to day of visit
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-03-27   article: Chinese archaeology net

Sign collaboration to disentomb agreement

In March 2008 12 ~ 18 days, the delegation of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences that by stone of Zhu Yan of director of strong point Wang Wei, Han Tang lab, Luoyang the person such as Qian Guoxiang of team leader of group of city of Han Wei reason forms, should of institute of money of culture of fine of Nai of orgnaization of money of state-maintaineding culture of legal person of Japanese independent administration invite, undertook working visitting to this institute, sign two institutes to disentomb with investigation in all the cooperative agreement of relics of city of reason of Luoyang Chinese the Kingdom of Wei.

Exchange cooperative agreement

Speak on signing ceremony

On March 13 morning at 11 o'clock, signing ceremony considers what to report hall is held in money of Nai fine culture. Tall Lai of minister of ministry of bequest of Gangcundaoxiong of minister of ministry of investigation of the Chun Yilang of assistant director Xun that husband and this institute ask for by the side of cropland of director of institute of money of culture of fine of Wang Wei's director and delegacy member, Nai, layout, culture wants, bury culture money. On signing ceremony, wang Wei's director and cropland edge director published an address, they reviewed two institutes to develop a process from what long-term friendly cooperation concerns since 1991, the cooperative project of the relics of city of reason of Luoyang Chinese the Kingdom of Wei that the hope is about to begin can obtain bigger gains.
Day media is right of two institutes disentomb this jointly take seriously very, send a reporter to undertake covering a report to signing ceremony in succession. After signing ceremony ends, edge director accepted Wang Wei's director and cropland to interview respectively, answered the reporter's query.
Afternoon, delegacy group and specific and responsible the Shan Qi of undersecretary of capital investigation ministry of this collaboration project believes second-class talk, fulfilled in October 2007 ~ the relics of city of reason of Luoyang Chinese the Kingdom of Wei March 2008 disentombs watch of expense specific item, 2008 year disentomb square researcher attends working arrangement, day to disentomb jointly arrange wait for specific arrangements.

Look around to be in the mural of the chelonian tiger ancient grave of repair

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