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My place scholar goes to the Yanjing that breath out Buddha to learn company stu
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-07-17   article: Classics of Chinese archaeology net is recommended in this place and courtyard, the company approves the Yan Jingxue that breath out Buddha, my place Li Xinwei's deputy researcher went to the United States to breath out Buddha swallow Beijing to learn a company to have by a definite date with visitting scholastic identity in July 2008 at coming in August 2007 the study of 11 months and research. During the beauty, plum Xin Weixuan repaired alimental origin, the course such as Chinese archaeological generality and civilized and comparative research and operation of software of geographical information system, what attend major of archaeology of haing Buddha university to sponsor is weekly 3 midday " lunch time lecture " and every week 4 Professor Fu Luowen chairs afternoon " East Asia archaeology " lecture. He is in on invitation " East Asia archaeology " the problem was done to be in the lecture " luxury of Chinese prehistoric society and mysterious knowledge communicated BC 3300 net " speech; April 2008, attended close hold the Chinese archaeological seminar that department of root university archaeology and museum hold, did a problem to be " the new perspective of origin of Chinese inchoate country " speech; May 2008, the East Asia that attends department of Colombian university archaeology to sponsor is archaeological series seminar, did a problem to be " the discovery of slope relics reachs his on the west the principal port of source of civilized to China explore " speech; In April 2008, attended the America archaeology that in Canada Wengehua holds to learn the 78th annual meeting. The collection of books data and the centre of gravity that reading is its study and research are in, collect and reading theme includes archaeological theory, prehistoric archaeology of research of culture communication and article exchange research, grave research, handicraft industry specialization of production, family (Household Archaeology) , individual archaeology (system of research of religion of Archaeology Of Individuals) , prehistoric, geographical information is in each respects such as the application in archaeology. The content that concentration is read and thinks basically includes prehistoric research of culture communication and article exchange research, handicraft industry specialization of production and grave research 3 parts, undertook on this foundation 3 research work. Was to enrich him to refer the Yanjing that breath out Buddha to learn the research outline of the company " of network of communication of superstratum of society of Chinese prehistoric age build " content, those who be a paper is final finish had laid a foundation; 2 be had writtened guarantee 2006 to what its assume task of fund of scientific research of youth of company division courtyard " the archaeological research of handicraft industry specialization of production " had complement; The 3 enlightenment that are the grave research theory that accepts new control and method, began the traverse to graveyard of approach home beach. Pass the study that is in the beauty near one year, widened eye shot, enriched knowledge, right in the near future the research work inside formed new tentative plan. ■ return

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