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Wang Wei, Chen Xingcan visits Canada, United States
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Author: The Office of Science and Technology releases time: Provenance of 2008-04-16   article: Chinese archaeology net

Should Canada is British Ian Hodder of director of center of archaeology of university of Stanford of anthropologic department Professor Jing Zhichun, United States teachs Colombian college and Professor Luo Tai invites university of los angeles California, can of Chenxing of Wang Wei of director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, assistant director imposes 2 states of United States at coming to will be visited on April 5 on March 25, 2008. During add, can of Wang Wei, Chenxing attended to be in Canada early or late Wengehua is British anthropologic department holds Colombian university " the culture contact of East Asia is archaeological " the conference and discuss in Wengehuahui. On two conferences, two strong points made a problem be respectively " the area is interactive as civilized as inchoate China formation " , " the origin that Chinese home raises buffalo " academic report, the archaeology person of the same trade that comes from world each district together with respect to pertinent question undertakes communicating. Session, wang Wei, Chen Xingcan still will be in this year in June archaeological meeting plenary session follows the 4th East Asia that institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences holds institutional chairman Professor Fumiko Ikawa-Smith and treasurer Professor Gina Barnes held working meeting, follow haing Buddha university additionally William Fash of director of museum of anthropologic department Peabody teachs have an informal discussion, today staff of group of summerly archaeology place plays Mayawen to change famous relics Copan to disentomb matters concerned comes to an agreement.
In March 30 during coming to will be visited in the beauty on April 5, wang Wei, Chen Xingcan visits los angeles of Stanford university, California university early or late cent school and south California university. Be in Stanford university, wang Wei is the same as research center of this school archaeology to sign frame cooperation agreement on behalf of archaeology place, exchange with respect to scholastic exchange, student exchange, books, the talk that holds bilateral conference to waited to undertake with central director Professor Ian Hodder. Los angeles of visit California university divides institute of school Constin archaeology, south California university is anthropologic when the department, with respect to future the cooperative matters concerned of these two universities and my place follows Professor Bruce Zuckerman to wait had have an informal discussion. In south California university still interviewed Dr. Zhang Liangren, a job is answered to reach initial purpose after finishing postdoctoral research to work with respect to him. During visitting los angeles, still accompany in Dr. Zhang Liangren below, visited los angeles to build museum of the base of a fruit.
This famous institution of higher learning of visit Canada, United States attends completely beautiful archaeological plenary meeting, sponsor by archaeology place to prepare, the archaeology of the 4th East Asia that is about to kick off learned to get experience, laid good foundation to strengthen the my place and beauty, cooperation that increases research organization of famous university archaeology to considered to establish.
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