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" install barren slope newly -- archaeology of reservoir of bottom of Yellow Riv
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Author: Elephant press releases time: Provenance of 2008-08-22   article: Chinese archaeology net

Content brief introduction:
The archaeology that installs barren slope relics newly disentombs the job has to cooperate reservoir of bottom of Yellow River wavelet to build a project. This book is the collect articles into a volume that the author studies positive result to installing archaeology of barren slope relics newly to disentomb.

Compendious catalog:
The first chapter is summarized
Layer of the 2nd chapter piles up
Hillock culture involuntary discharge of urine puts the 3rd Zhang Pei plum
Yangshao culture involuntary discharge of urine puts the 4th order
Involuntary discharge of urine of culture of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty of the 5th chapter is put
Epilogue of the 6th chapter
Subordinate list
Publication information: Elephant press was published in September 2008, henan saves cultural relic management board, Henan to save institute of cultural relic archaeology to compile. 16 book size, 351 1000 words, fix a price 160 yuan.

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