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" hole of faithful county celestial being and land cliff graveyard "
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Author: Xiao Wen releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-08   article: Chinese archaeology net

" hole of faithful county celestial being and land cliff graveyard " it is the Yangtse River second of report of project of protection of cultural relic of 3 gorge project plants the 10th, compile by immigration office of city of bureau of Chongqing city cultural relic, Chongqing, scientific press was published in April 2008. This book is 16 clothbound this, have main body 192 pages, there is chromatic plate after article 72 edition, fix a price 188 yuan.
2002 ~ 2006, department of archaeology of college of Zhengzhou university history is opposite early or late graveyard of cliff of land of a small bay in a river of town of graveyard of hole of celestial being of town of well of besmear of county of heavy Qing Zhong, new student Home Deng and graveyard of red star village undertake disentombing, clear in all in these 3 graveyard cliff grave 52, cliff hole grave 2, bricky room grave 1, come up out of land hangover is close more than 1000 (set) . This book is these 3 graveyard namely disentomb report, divide an order in all. Before 3 chapters part from situation and surroundings, disentomb reach through be being made with grave form taste along with bury wait for a respect to undertake introductory to graveyard. The 4th chapter is made to grave form, taste along with bury in installment the permutation of the choice with time, graveyard and grave the method undertook study. Have before text exordial, the grave registration form that there are each burial grounds from the back and adscript. Of these graveyard disentomb, to study Chongqing and even the Yangtse River grave of ancient time of 3 gorge area develops alignment and mortuary system to wait provided rich objective data.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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