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" chaste tree Men Ziling hillock "
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Author: Xiao Wen releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-08   article: Chinese archaeology net

" chaste tree Men Ziling hillock " compile by museum of chaste tree retail sales, cultural relic press was published in May 2008. This book is 16 clothbound this, have main body 256 pages, there is chromatic plate after article 8 edition, black and white plate 56 edition, fix a price 198 yuan.
Child hill hillock relics is located in north of retail sales of Hubei chaste tree to make an appointment with 10 kilometers to be in. 1987 ~ 1991, museum of chaste tree retail sales is in child rescue of hill hillock relics disentombed the grave of a batch of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, two Han Heming period, among them with amount of grave of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty most. This book is order with the times, to period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty and 95 grave of bright generation are made from grave form and had detailed introduction along with the respect such as bury implements. The grave property to each period, grave advocate the identity and bury common undertook an analysis. The Chu Guocun that grave of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty inside graveyard is one part pattern falls dweller graveyard, grave advocate have person civilian with common people two kinds, of graveyard disentomb, mirrorred Chu Guocun to fall constituent state of the dweller and mortuary and consuetudinary evolve into a process. The Qin Dynasty, two Chinese graves besides come up out of land outside a large number of crockery, a variety of metals implement, added new information inscriptive data for many sided research. The epitaph that comes up out of land in bright grave, to researching bright generation the society has certain sense.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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