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" yuan go up " brief introduction
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Author: Xiao Wen releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-09   article: Chinese archaeology net

" yuan on " by north of university of people of institute of archaeology of cultural relic of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, China ethical archaeology institute compiles, press of Chinese big encyclopedia was published in April 2008. This book is 16 clothbound this, have main body 720 pages, there is chromatic plate after article 335 edition, black and white plate 20 edition, fix a price 1380 yuan.
This book cent is research piece with the report piece two parts, it is with archaeological method the system studies yuan go up to reach its periphery area yuan the composition of acting history culture. Consider piece have right yuan on archaeological, yuan on all round grave comes up out of land yuan of acting person character, yuan go up to reach week exclosure area to come up out of land metallic implements and yuan on capital city the research paper of the respect such as the environmental setting of ecosystem 4. Report piece collected in yuan go up to reach its periphery the area undertakes archaeology investigation and working report of disentombed 13 field archaeology. Traveler of China and foreign countries is right since this book is collecting yuan of generation extensively yuan go up on the foundation of data of record and narrate, through be opposite yuan of integrated research that goes up to reach its periphery grave and sacred archaeological data, combine document historical data, right yuan on ancient city relics was made relatively comprehensive analysis and discuss, offerred a lot of notable new view, it is the data with Meng Yuan archaeology and historical culture very important research.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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