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" Ying river is civilized -- investigation of archaeology of Ying river upper re
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Author: Elephant press releases time: Provenance of 2008-08-22   article: Chinese archaeology net

Content brief introduction:
This book is finished jointly by Sino-US scholar. It is one includes rich archaeology material to be different from the academic monograph that general archaeology reports again already. It has the following 3 characteristics: The first, use advanced science and technology and device, combine the method with Chinese archaeological tradition at the same time, make the means that collects a data has scientific sex more; The 2nd, announced geographical environment develops the effect in the process in the archaeological culture of Ying river region; The 3rd, establish " Ying river is civilized " in China civilization the significant position in genetic process. Undertake in Ying river upper reaches archaeology is investigated, try dig the job, genetic to Chinese civilization research and exploration summer culture have fundamental academic value. This second disentomb research is undertake from macroscopical angle regional special subject studies integratedly, introduce new scientific method especially Ying river upper reaches gets together fall in configuration archaeology research, obtained certain positive result.
Compendious catalog:
The first chapter is introductive
The society that civilization of river of Ying of the 2nd chapter is born and environmental setting
The landscape ecosystem feature of upper reaches of river of Ying of the 3rd chapter
Field of the 4th chapter is investigated
Relics of the 5th chapter tries dig
The person land concern of civilization of river of Ying of the 6th chapter is analysed
Epilogue of the 7th chapter
Publication information: Institute of archaeology of Henan province cultural relic, Missouri establishs an university university of anthropologic department, Washington is anthropologic the department compiles, elephant press was published in April 2008, 16, 21.125 printed sheet, fix a price 160 yuan.

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