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" kiln of Yu Zhoujun stage " brief introduction
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Author: Xiao Wen releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-09   article: Chinese archaeology net

" kiln of Yu Zhoujun stage " by Henan institute of archaeology of province cultural relic compiles, elephant press was published in May 2008. This book is 16 clothbound this, have main body 204 pages, there is chromatic plate after article 116 edition, black and white plate 54 edition, fix a price 200 yuan.
Your kiln fastens one of 5 names kiln that are period of our country Northen Song Dynasty, with calm, you, official, elder brother write at the world. Because of glair inside with copper red chromatic glair, with reductive blaze firing, formed all sorts of kiln to become beautiful glair, be like a rose violet, Chinese flowering crabapple blood red of Pi Zi of red, eggplant, chicken, pale blue or reddish black, colour profusion, thunder-and-lightning. 20 centuries 60 time, in county of Henan the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty discovery is burned build dimensions and product quality to all belong to location of top-ranking your stage kiln. 20 centuries 779 time, location undertook pair of your stage kiln such as institute of archaeology of Henan province cultural relic 4 times comprehensive archaeology is drilled and disentomb, the scope that knew kiln location, distributinging limits and layer pile up, came up out of land many hangover.
This book is the report that disentombs to 4 namely, divide an order in all. The origin of the situation that preface introduced Yu Zhou and evolution, your stage and disentomb working general situation. The first chapter is kiln location general situation, to kiln location distributing, the layer of kiln location is accumulation, vestigial undertook introductory with hangover. The 2nd chapter is location of Song Dai kiln, look to area of the area of your porcelain kiln inside kiln location, your porcelain kiln, day porcelain kiln area and white ground are black of area of beautiful porcelain kiln vestigial undertook introductory with hangover. The 3rd chapter introduced Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, gold acting, yuan the copper cash that Dai Heming comes up out of land inside acting china and kiln location. The chemical composition that the 4th chapter is your kiln product reachs physical function, the chemistry of glair of embryo of department of the exterior feature from the specimen, your kiln forms this chapter and a few respects such as the physical function of glair of embryo of your kiln department undertook an analysis to your kiln product. The 5th order is right the structure of kiln furnace and burn make technology, the chemical analysis of the product and physical function, implements modelling and adornment are artistic, problem of your kiln origin, porcelain of your porcelain, eye of shadow celadon, weather, white ground is black the origin of beautiful porcelain, the problem such as the relation of the birthplace of your porcelain and china production and flow of goods undertook discussing. The 6th chapter is epilogue, this chapter reviewed your stage kiln burn make the history, undertook to your stage kiln in installment, the form that discussed your stage kiln is made, analysed porcelain of of all kinds the relation between and your kiln the export of the transmission of engineering technology and product. Concern after text the discovery at kiln location and research, investigation and disentomb and 5 appendices of relevant document.
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