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" Oriental archaeology " the 4th collect
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Author: Xiao Wen releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-14   article: Chinese archaeology net

" Oriental archaeology " it is editor of research center of archaeology of Shandong university east, scientific press was published in May 2008. This book is 16 brochure, have main body 521 pages, there is chromatic plate after article 8 edition, fix a price 150 yuan.
" Oriental archaeology " be about archaeological the series a series of books that with archaic east civilization studies. This series a series of books is mixed with Chinese eastern region of East Asia area archaeological for the key, absorb the newest research achievement of domestic and international scholar extensively, reflect the new thinking of archaeological research, new theory and new method. Its publication, will archaeological to driving China the progress that studies with Oriental civilization and development have main effect. The 4th collect collected 20 to study the paper disentombs with 1 report, research paper discussed Shang Daiwen to turn the issue such as state of appearance, agriculture and handicraft industry configuration, environment and exterminate business concern centrally. Disentomb the report is relics of village of Shandong Jinan big laborious 1984 autumn try dig a report. This book can learn investigator, lover and reference of relevant and professional teachers and students to read for history, archaeological, ancient writing.

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