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" kiln of Yu Zhoujun stage "
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Author: Elephant press releases time: Provenance of 2008-08-22   article: Chinese archaeology net

Content brief introduction: This book is 4 times to kiln of Yu Zhoujun stage archaeology disentombs the research of the data is arranged. Institute of archaeology of Henan province cultural relic ever was opposite 4 times kiln of Yu Zhoujun stage undertakes archaeology disentombs, obtained many objective specimen and involuntary discharge of urine to collect a data through disentombing, to this kiln burn the case that makes field of setting of time, history, kiln to reach burn build a technology to waited to have new knowledge, more important is, make the your porcelain here produces the government-owned kiln property that the area is one of kiln of Song Daiwu name to be able to confirm, opened the mystery that probes location of kiln of official of Song Jun porcelain thereby.
Compendious catalog:
General situation of location of kiln of the first chapter
Location of acting kiln of the Song Dynasty of the 2nd chapter
Area of kiln of the first your porcelain
Area of kiln of the 2nd your porcelain
Area of kiln of porcelain of eye of the 3rd weather
Area of the 4th in vain kiln of black beautiful porcelain
Other times involuntary discharge of urine puts the 3rd order
The chemical composition of your porcelain product reachs the 4th order physical function
The 5th chapter is like those who do a question to discuss
Epilogue of the 6th chapter
Publication information: Henan saves institute of cultural relic archaeology to compile, elephant press was published in May 2008, 16, 13.75 printed sheet, fix a price, 200 yuan.

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