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" river of Zi Guibo village " brief introduction
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Author: Pluvial top gem releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-23   article: Chinese archaeology net

" river of Zi Guibo village " by the State Council 3 gorge bureau of cultural relic of project committee office, country compiles, scientific press was published in June 2008. This book 887 pages, make an appointment with 1.7 million word, there is chromatic plate after article 60 edition, black and white plate 240 edition, fix a price 800 yuan.
This book is pressed disentomb area introduced 3 gorge library systematically in the round the culture involuntary discharge of urine of different history period puts relics of Ou Bozhuang river. Cent of whole book content is 10 chapters, content is rich, graph Wen Bingmao, it is an omnibus archaeology disentombs report. The involuntary discharge of urine of the period such as culture of the big brook culture that village river relics predicts respectively in the book, stone home river, 2 within culture, business generation, week generation, Chinese generation, 6 face, Song Dai, bright generation, clear generation is put undertook, content involves the subject such as archaeological, history, anthropologic, biology, the develops course and each level culture characteristic that summed up culture of ancient time of 3 gorge area mainly.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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